Gordon Brothers, a global advisory, restructuring and investment firm, published a two-part series of articles examining current supply stresses and how the prolonged effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to disrupt global trade.

The articles are authored by Ulos Anderson, senior managing director of commercial and industrial for Gordon Brothers, and provide a two-part analysis on the current state of the supply chain, critical port congestion, and sectors and industries most challenged and bolstered by the ongoing pandemic.

“Lenders to wholesalers, retailers or distributers will need to prepare for extended delays since there’s simply too much congestion at the moment that’s not likely to clear before mid-year,” Anderson said. “Retailers, distributers and wholesalers will need to continue to diversify their supply chains and embrace innovation as the new normal.”

Part one, titled Supply Chain Clog Continues as Companies Look Back and Beyond 2021, reviews current supply chain pressures, the manufacturing and shipping irregularities causing stress, and the COVID-19 pandemic’s continued ramifications for U.S. consumers. Part two, titled Supply Chain Congestion Critical as Shipping from Asia Compounds Issues, takes a closer look at this congestion and how blanking port of calls and empty carriers have compounded current issues.

Additionally, Anderson reviewed how the demand for Chinese goods, which have soared amid pandemic lockdowns and holiday shopping, has affected supply and demand across industries and asset types.