E2open Parent Holdings, a network-based provider of a cloud-based supply chain management platform, amended and upsized its existing credit facility with an incremental term loan provided by Golub Capital. The upsized agreement provides $190 million in additional funding.

Under the terms of the upsized agreement, which provided $190 million in additional funding, E2open’s total credit facility will include a $1.1 billion term loan and a $155 million revolving credit facility (which is expected to be undrawn following the transaction). The term loan facility bears interest at LIBOR rate plus 3.5% and matures in February 2028.

E2open will use the proceeds from the upsizing to finance the first purchase price payment for Logistyx Technologies and to settle the remaining two purchase price payments with all cash. The company will then deploy any excess cash from this upsized agreement in conjunction with the balance sheet cash and cash flow from operations for share repurchases or other general corporate purposes.

“We are excited to secure permanent financing for the recently announced acquisition of Logistyx Technologies at the same rate as our existing credit facility in the current credit environment,” Jarett Janik, CFO at E2open, said.