Jersey City Funding, a subsidiary of Strategic Credit Opportunities Partners (SCJV), entered into a credit agreement with Goldman Sachs Bank USA. SCJV, a joint venture between Corporate Capital Trust and Conway Capital, an affiliate of Guggenheim Life and Annuity and Delaware Life Insurance, was initially formed in May 2016.

The credit agreement provides for a $250 million revolving credit facility with Jersey City and is secured by substantially all of Jersey City’s assets. The credit facility provides loans in U.S. dollars, Australian dollars, euros and pounds sterling.

U.S. dollars loans will bear interest at the rate equal to LIBOR + 2.25%. The scheduled maturity date for the credit facility is September 29, 2021 (which may be extended by one year upon mutual consent). The facility will be collateralized with a flexible asset pool which can include originated assets and various security types. Total outstanding loans under this credit facility were approximately $165 million upon closing. In conjunction, $373 million of assets were acquired by Jersey City from Corporate Capital Trust. Including these acquisitions, total assets in SCJV now exceed $600 million.

Corporate Capital Trust is a non-traded business development company managed by CNL Financial Group that offers individuals an opportunity to invest in privately owned American companies.

CNL Financial Group is a private investment management firm providing real estate and alternative investments.