Gerber Finance announced it funded a $3 million line of credit to Designer Protein.

In 2011, new management came in to propel the company’s full potential. Their dedication led to explosive growth requiring the company to find a lender who would provide a line of credit that will meet Designer Protein’s growing and varying needs.

“From the beginning, Gerber Finance Inc. stood out from the others in their personal approach to financing the business. They really take the time to get to know the individuals managing the business as much as they do analyzing the financial side. They really understand what it means to be a business partner and have proven it during the transition period by being not only flexible, but friendly. We look forward to the future with Gerber Finance as our partner,” said Desiree Swanson, CFO.

Designer Protein owns and manages the Designer Whey and Aria brands, which focus on protein and sports nutrition products for female athletes and women who focus on weight management and active lifestyles.