GavinSolmonese announced that it hired Pamela O’Neill as managing director and leader of its Litigation Consulting practice. O’Neill provides advisory services to clients across a broad range of industries with a particularly strong expertise in financial services.

Prior to joining GavinSolmonese, O’Neill was a principal in the Forensic & Valuation Services practice at Grant Thornton. Previously, she held several leadership positions at Deloitte. O’Neill is a published author, having written articles in New York Law Journal and the Journal of Investment Compliance.

O’Neill has been qualified as an expert witness in both courtroom and arbitration venues and has testified successfully on behalf of her clients in numerous high profile matters.

With more than 25 years of experience, O’Neill has been retained by clients across the globe to provide advisory consulting services in areas of valuation, damages, infringement, litigation and negotiation. She has assisted numerous commercial and investment banks, asset managers, broker-dealers, private equity and hedge funds, and transaction clearing companies with acquisition and divestiture-related analyses, as well as equity, fixed income and derivative security valuation.

Over the course of her career, O’Neill’s global banking and asset management clients have included many of the world’s largest institutions. On behalf of her clients, Pamela has determined the value of entities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. She has also testified on behalf of many broker-dealers, financial institutions and private equity funds, and was the named expert in a number of damage claims associated with feeder funds of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities.

“Pam is, hands down, one of the brightest and most capable experts in the field of solvency and damages assessment. Her experience involves cases of the greatest complexity and highest profile, ranging from opining on damages in the Madoff case to advising sovereign nations on critical solvency issues,” said Ted Gavin, managing director and founding partner of GavinSolmonese. “She is a trusted professional colleague, a leader in the valuation and expert witness profession and a trusted and valued personal friend, as well.