FSW Funding completed a $5 million financing facility for a Rocky Mountain-based ammunition designer, manufacturer, and marketer for sporting goods products.

After a recent acquisition, the client was able to gain more control of its supply chain and was well-positioned for immediate growth, but, for a variety of reasons, was unable to work out a beneficial deal with other lenders and banks.

FSW received a referral directly from a trusted bank ABL partner who also was unable to help the client, but wanted to maintain and cultivate the relationship. FSW provided an initial facility of $5 million (including an accordion to $7 million) within the timeframe set by the client.

“It’s really exciting to see FSW expand into new industries, especially one as fast-growing and unique as this! We are always looking to diversify our client portfolio, and see the sporting goods and ammo industry as one that will continue to grow,” said Managing Member and Founder Robyn Barrett.

“We want our clients to think of FSW as their partner, using us for both funding and consulting needs where appropriate. When our client grows, FSW grows. We are always looking for new opportunities for that growth, regardless of the type of business or industry. I think this is a great opportunity for the client to reach heights they might not have been able to get to before, and that couldn’t motivate us more!”