Far West Capital’s former executive vice president Jason Lippman launched nFusion Capital, a new Austin, TX-based factoring company. Lippman will serves as CEO of the company.

“After being with one of the best in the business for the last 8 years, it was time for a new challenge — to provide working capital financial solutions to entrepreneur ventures faster and more effectively,” said Lippman.

Lippman opened the firm with a team of other like-minded professionals with deep industry experience and passion to serve SMBs throughout the country.

“The industry standard is a frustrating flow of wasting time with salespeople and lengthy application packages only to bottleneck in manual underwriting and credit committee processes, and then be handed off to operations for setup and, if you’re lucky and can wait long enough, funding,” Lippman said.

nFusion intends to flip the factoring status quo on its head and get clients a firm “yes” same day — and funding the next. With a smaller operation and a streamlined process, fewer hoops to jump through will allow the team to move clients into the funding phase as soon as they’re approved.

In addition to financing, nFusion will also provide a full suite of back office services for clients, customized to each industry’s and clients’ unique requirements. This will enable them to service a number of industry niches commonly off limits to other lenders, including construction subcontractors, freight brokers and progress billing, to name a few.