Daily News: March 1, 2012

Forest Capital Provides Financing to Food Service Company

Forest Capital announced it provided a $100,000 accounts receivable facility to a contract food service company based in Louisiana.

The company expanded into campus food services and was awarded a contract at a prestigious southern university. The company provides world campus dining and facilities services to over 400 students daily through its 50 on-site employees. Like many academic institutions, its client was slow paying, which in turn placed a strain on the company’s cash flow and its ability to make timely vendor payments and meet its payroll obligations.

Forest Capital provided a $100,000 accounts receivable facility to bridge the cash-flow gap between when receivables were invoiced and collected and when payments were due to suppliers and employees.

As a result of the financing, the company was able to pay vendors to take advantage of discount terms, meet its payroll demands and continue to grow the campus food services part of the business.

Forest Capital provides accounts receivable financing to small- and middle-market companies with financing needs between $50,000 and $5 million across a wide breadth of industries in the U.S. and Canada.