International M&A advisory firms N+1, C.W Downer, Swiss Capital, Daruma Capital Management and Dinamia Capital merged to become ALANTRA.

The partners from different businesses located in 19 countries are putting behind brands that have been in the market between 15 and 40 years to rebrand as a new financial institution specializing in the mid-market segment.

ALANTRA’s 57 partners and 345 professionals will operate from 25 global offices. In the U.S., ALANTRA plans to add 15 bankers and open two new offices.

Santiago Eguidazu, executive chairman of ALANTRA, said, “Adopting ALANTRA as our new brand is the best way to express our will to enter a new era. To have a unified name means to become a unified group. It also means establishing a new project among the partners of the 19 countries and different business areas in which we operate”.

Paul Colone, managing director and partner, commented, “We are excited to unite behind our new brand and what it stands for in terms of growing our U.S. presence. Wade Aust, Joe Downing and I received enthusiastic and unanimous support from our global partners on our U.S. growth strategy. Over the next 12 months, we will add to our U.S. team both geographically and in terms of sector specialization and we are confident that our growth project will be attractive for new candidates.”

ALANTRA starts this new phase with the aim of becoming a unique partner for corporates, family-owned companies and financial investors active in the mid-market, a segment its partners have been serving for more than 30 years.