FinSoft has released the revised and updated version of AssetArchive Desktop 2016 software. Combining the data warehousing and analytics of AssetArchive with the confirmation module found in the prior AssetArchive Desktop Confirmation software, the combined system brings cutting-edge analytics to the ABL world with unmatched ease of use.

“With the 2016 release of AssetArchive Desktop, FinSoft has now integrated a data-mart, business intelligence, analytics and confirmations into one system,” said Joseph R. Caplan, managing director of FinSoft. “The power of ongoing monitoring uses many concepts available only to factoring, but without the labor cost of that level of monitoring is a revolutionary addition to fraud reduction and better monitoring for all ABL shops.”

In addition, Caplan commented that “Historical data analysis allows not only trends and hot-spot reports to be available immediately, it allows those same exceptions to flow to the optional confirmation module. Lenders can now confirm and tracking suspect invoices and balances, rather than throwing blind darts at the confirmation process. The focus will reduce fraud, improve earnings and provide more lender confidence for both the confirmation and daily monitoring functions. Account officers will certainly be better informed about exceptions and that leads to better decisions for protecting Lender assets.”

Caplan concluded by noting “AssetArchive Desktop 2016 raises the bar and improves ABL risk reduction yet again. We will be adding more user requested features in the months to come as we begin the next cycle of innovations that have never been seen before.”