Daily News: May 30, 2012

FinSoft, Clear Choice Seminars Announce Three Versions of ABL-Help

FinSoft and Clear Choice Seminars have announced three versions of the ABL-Help Reference File.

ABL-Help is a small help file program that includes definitions for ineligible collateral types, a 750+word glossary, fishbone diagrams to explain items such as turnover, computer tips and audit steps. Considered by many to be the source of ABL ineligible definitions and reference materials, After over ten years, there will now be three versions of ABL-Help through the www.ABLHelp.com website:

  • ABL-Help Free

  • ABL-Help Classic

  • ABL-Help Pro

    After giving away thousands of copies of ABL-Help Classic, the FinSoft and Clear Choice team decided to create a simple free version, but begin to charge for the Classic and new Pro versions to raise money for charities. A comparison chart is provided on the ABL-Help website.

    “There has been a growing need to teach data analytics and provide a quick resource to advanced ABL professionals” according to FinSoft’s managing director Joseph Caplan.

    “We have a more advanced fraud and analytics class that is coming on-line and ABL-Help Pro covers some of the reference materials that we will surely be enhancing with the annual subscription to the file. We are requiring a vetting process of approval to provide ABL-Help Pro because of the nature of the analytics and it will only be available to ABL professionals. We also want everyone to know that the funds received from the sale of the ABL-Help products will be 100% donated to charities so that we are both helping you and helping others.”

    FinSoft produces the class leading AssetWriter field examination software, AssetReader data analysis software, AssetArchive real-time analytics and confirmations and Ineligible Calculation Support Services for the ABL industry. FinSoft is dedicated to ease of use, innovation, customer support and constant enhancements with an ABL specific focus. Clear Choice Seminars provides ABL specific training and will be offering on-line courses through ABL-Train in the next few months.

    For more information on the new versions, click here.