Daily News: September 21, 2012

Experian Says Business Credit Scores Down from Last Year

Information services company Experian released a report based on an analysis of business credit scores and other business data to evaluate how small businesses, which are dependent on consumer spending, are faring in this time of slow economic growth.

Experian said this was the first time it has completed an analysis on businesses using a credit score methodology that predicts the likelihood of a business becoming severely delinquent (91 days or more past due) within the next 12 months. Business credit scores are based on a scale of 1 to 100.

The following are highlights from the report on small businesses:

  • The national average business credit score is 55 (down 4.4% from 57.5 last year).

  • There was a 4.4% decrease in the number of business bankruptcies nationally over the past year.

  • There was an 11.3% increase in the number of new businesses established nationally over last year.

  • Las Vegas, one of the cities with the greatest improvements in consumer scores over last year, also saw: A dramatic 64.4% increase in the number of newly established businesses; a decrease of 10.5% in its number of business bankruptcies; a 9.2% improvement in its business credit score

  • In the South, while seven out of ten cities showed improvements in their consumer credit scores, only one city, El Paso, increased its business credit score this year