Daily News: January 24, 2012

Experian Report: Business Performance Improves Q/Q; Down Y/Y

Experian said its Q4 Business Benchmark Report showed general improvement in business performance in most categories quarter over quarter, while metrics remained negative from a year-over-year perspective.

Risk scores remained relatively flat across all industry groups and geographic regions quarter over quarter and year over year. The largest businesses (those with more than 1,000 employees) showed the greatest quarter-over-quarter improvement (2.2%) but the largest decline (14.7%) year over year, Experian said.

Days beyond terms (DBT) appeared to be stabilizing quarter over quarter, across all business sizes, industry groups and geographic regions. However, DBT remained significantly negative year over year, increasing by as much as 13.8%, the report found.

The percentage of dollars delinquent has remained relatively flat quarter over quarter, with the exception of larger businesses (those with 250 or more employees) that have shown significant improvements, reducing their debt by as much as 11%. Performance in this category varies quarter over quarter by industry sector and geographic region. Year over year, the change in percentage of dollars delinquent varies across all business sizes. Notably, midsize businesses (those with 250 to 499 employees) saw the greatest positive change, improving by 35.9%, according to the report.

“The general stabilization and signs of improvement seen in Q4 are encouraging. No matter what the business size, industry or geographic region, having a strong risk score, paying bills on time and reducing delinquent debt are important elements to achieving a positive business profile,” said Allen Anderson, president, Experian’s Business Information Services. “Building and maintaining positive credit is critical to a business’s success, because it helps them obtain more favorable payment terms or interest rates.”

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