eCapital reported growth in 2020 and consolidated a total of eight acquired entities into a simplified corporate structure.

In 2020, eCapital provided access to more than $4 billion in financing across 80 industries in the U.S. and Canada and also achieved an approximate 66.5% year-over-year increase in gross revenues and an approximate 56% year-over-year increase in portfolio size. eCapital also completed four acquisitions in 2020 (Bibby Financial Services, Prosperity Funding, REV Finance Group and Advantedge Commercial Finance) after completing two in 2019 (Accutrac Capital Solutions and eCapital LLC).

“Today marks a milestone for our business as we announce the establishment of the newly consolidated eCapital,” Marius Silvasan, CEO of eCapital, said. “We achieved impressive results in 2020 despite substantial changes in the business landscape caused by the pandemic by continuing to execute our growth strategy and placing a focus on the consolidation of our people, products and portfolios. eCapital stands today as a comprehensive capital solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses which require rapid and reliable access to cash flow. A combination of proprietary and scalable technology, risk management expertise and asset optimization are all at the core of our value proposition to our clients: to empower companies by accelerating their access to capital.”

eCapital’s consolidated corporate structure now includes three divisions, including:

  • eCapital Commercial Finance: This division provides working capital by offering services such as receivables financing, supply chain financing and import financing, among others.
  • eCapital Freight Factoring: This division provides factoring solutions to small, independent trucking companies and fleets. The division’s products include invoice factoring, factoring lines of credit and fuel cards, among others.
  • eCapital Asset-Based Lending: The asset-based lending division, Gerber Finance, delivers financial solutions by leveraging accounts receivable and inventory assets for companies that generate between $2 million and $100 million in revenue per year. Products offered by the division include asset-backed lending, inventory financing and equipment financing, among others.

In addition to growing organically, eCapital plans to pursue additional bolt-on and portfolio acquisitions with an eye for expansion into additional geographies.

“We have acquired multiple entities over the past four years, each with separate and distinct value propositions that complement the whole,” Silvasan said. “By integrating these businesses under one corporate structure and building in a centralized leadership framework, we have created an industry-leading organization built to scale. Our products and services provide capital solutions that span multiple types of assets and over 80 vertical industries. We have put our flag in the ground to lead the industry forward in a time that is unprecedented for the small and medium-sized business community.”