eCapital, a tech-enabled finance provider specializing in tailored solutions for businesses across North America and the United Kingdom, has funded a $5 million asset-based lending facility for a fiberglass media company.

The Southeastern U.S. manufacturer operated under the backing of a financial sponsor. As the company’s ownership structure transitioned to a new sponsor, it proactively sought financing to ensure seamless operations during this change of control.

eCapital provided a customized asset-based lending solution tailored to the manufacturer’s specific needs. This solution offered flexibility in its terms, minimized restrictive covenants and the potential to support future growth initiatives.

“This transaction demonstrates our team’s commitment to understanding clients’ industries and building trust, crucial in complex transactions like ownership changes,” Brian Cuttic, CEO, ABL at eCapital, said. “The client’s confidence in our ability to deliver was strengthened by the outstanding performance of our portfolio team, emphasizing the significance of our expertise in delivering tailored financial solutions. We take pride in offering tangible support when it’s needed most, reinforcing our reputation for reliability and excellence in the industry.”