Daily News: January 6, 2015

EBF Group Implements Bayside’s CADENCE Live

EBF Group is implementing Bayside Business Group’s CADENCE Live to administer its accounts receivable, invoice and freight bill factoring operations.

EBF has also implemented CADENCE ClientWeb, giving clients online access to their latest account information, and allowing them to upload invoices, add new debtors, run reports and much more—for themselves.

“EBF Group is extremely excited to be implementing CADENCE Live as our portfolio management software,” said Fred Paatz, CEO of EBF Group. “As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to providing our clients with the best customer service possible.”

Gary Massingham, vice president Business Development added, “By utilizing the CADENCE ClientWeb system, we are thrilled that our clients now have a very flexible and user-friendly tool that will help them manage their business through the next stage of their business growth. It reinforces EBF’s commitment to elite customer service.”

“We are delighted to have EBF Group join the Bayside family and expand our already substantial presence in Canada,” stated Marvin McConaghy, VP of Business Development at Bayside. “As a diversified lender, we look forward to their putting the flexibility of CADENCE to work as they grow their business, and we certainly intend to do our part in facilitating their continued success.”