Daily News: April 11, 2012

Divine Skin Secures $1.5 Million From MidCap Business Credit

Divine Skin Inc. (DSKX), a developer of personal-care products, announced that it closed a $1.5 million line of credit with MidCap Business Credit in a move that will continue to fuel the explosive growth the company is experiencing.

Divine Skin CEO Daniel Khesin stated, “Securing the right funding to finance our growth is just one more step in the right direction as we continue to see stellar demand for our products. Having easier access to funds will allow us to capitalize on opportunities for growth without diluting our shareholders through equity financing.”

Richard Mount, president and founder of MidCap Business Credit LLC, commented, “It’s always exciting to see companies like Divine Skin really start to take off. We’re very pleased to be working alongside Divine Skin, providing the credit that it requires to continue to expand. We look forward to a long relationship.”

Khesin added, “We continue to see significant opportunities for business growth within our sector. Having a secured funding source in place allows us to focus our energies on generating sales and building the business more quickly. We are extremely excited about this new relationship we are building with MidCap.”

MidCap provides commercial loans necessary to support growth and assist business through temporary financial setbacks.

Divine Skin Inc. leads in the development of biotechnology for topical, nutritional and pharmaceutical therapies.