Daily News: March 23, 2012

Delaney’s Business Record Key to Congressional Campaign

The Washington Post noted in a story on John Delaney’s bid for a Congressional seat that his opponent in the April 3 Democratic primary, state Senator Robert J. Garagiola, will focus on Delany’s business record as the reason he shouldn’t be handed the party’s nod in a fight for the seat held by Republican Roscoe Bartlett.

Delaney, the founder of CapitalSource, said in a statement announcing his candidacy, “I understand how to create jobs and the needs of small businesses – and it’s small businesses that are the job creation engine.”

The Post said, to hear Delaney tell it, his success in the financial world is a key reason that voters should send him to Capitol Hill, as he “wants to bring the perspective of an entrepreneur to a gridlocked Congress.”

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