Daily News: July 26, 2012

CORRECTION: Porter Capital Adds Three More Offices

In one year since Porter Capital went from a regional company to a nationwide company, it has added three new offices to its cache of financiers throughout the United States. Porter Capital now has offices in eight major metropolitan cities: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, St. Louis, Portland, Denver, Houston and Birmingham.

With restricted lending from traditional sources due to a continued lagging economy, business owners have escalated their use of alternative financing options. Porter Capital Group leads the way for a growing number of businesses throughout the U.S..

Since inception some 20 years ago, Porter Capital has provided nearly $3 billion in funding to businesses large and small throughout the U.S. “The fact is,” said founder and CEO Marc Porter, “I began this company with one simple philosophy: Listen to prospects and clients, respond with immediacy. Provide solutions that build lasting trustworthy relationships for businesses and support the community.”

Porter creates funding packages or business partnerships customized to meet the unique needs of a commercial enterprise.