Context Business Lending, a family office-backed, national asset-based lender, closed seven new revolving lines of credit over the last five months, including a $20 million line to Universal Metals and parent company Northwestern Holding Company.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised from our introductory call through our first month with Context how easy-going, flexible and creative everyone has been. It has been refreshing to say the least. From our family company to theirs, we really look forward to working with and growing our companies with a lender who walks the talk,” Tommy Hagan, CFO of Universal Metals, said.

“As soon as our loan documents are signed, we think of our borrowers as our outside partners. Excellent customer service, from early diligence calls through borrower relationships, is extremely important to us. We are literally invested in our borrowers’ success and want them to feel like a part of our CBL family. Our creative team and private capital structure allow us the flexibility to offer our borrowers bespoke solutions and continue that flexibility as the needs of our borrowers change over time,” Meredith Carter, president and CEO of Context Business Lending, said.

“The experience with Context Business Lending has been the best I have had with any lending institution.” David Feniger, chief operating officer at Universal Metals, said. “From the initial introductory phone conversation to the closing of the facility, the team at Context showed us how they are your partner and not just a lender. This partnership has continued to be there and the entire group at Context is all on that page of partnership. We have been excited since that initial call about the partnership and the growth opportunities that Context will be able to afford our organization in the coming years.”