Daily News: November 14, 2012

Clear Choice Seminars Releases ABL-Train.com

Clear Choice Seminars, Inc. announced the release of ABLTrain.com to provide online training to the asset-based lending community. The catalog includes 14 courses across a variety of ABL disciplines. Individuals can purchase courses or the entire staff can be signed up at a discounted price, with the ability to allow management to supervise the staff progress.

Featuring a blended approach of videos, course materials, pre-quiz self-assessments, quizzes, final exams, a discussion board for each lesson and the ability to contact the course instructor, these courses set a new benchmark for the ABL industry, Clear Choice said in a press release.

Cost savings are substantial compared to the cost of a conventional live training course program, but without the outlays for travel expenses or lost work time. Instead of providing training to just one or a few members of an organization, everyone can now receive training for their level of expertise. ROI analysis is available on the website.

The ABL-Train product has been under construction for the past seven years and includes the expertise of Joseph R. Caplan, CPA, a 26-plus year veteran of the ABL industry (audit, training, software) and a member of the Adobe eLearning Suite design team.

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