Daily News: September 19, 2012

CIT: Behind the Deal Video Examines Sunwing Airlines Relationship

CIT Group released the next installment in its “CIT: Behind the Deal” (cit.com/behindthedeal) series of client case study testimonial videos that showcase how the lending, leasing and advisory expertise of CIT executives has helped their clients achieve success.

This latest video features Sunwing Airlines, one of the leading, integrated leisure tour operators in Canada. The video examines how CIT Aerospace leased planes to Sunwing Airlines and helped the company develop its fleet strategy.

In the video, Sunwing Airlines’ president Mark Williams commented: “The aviation industry is a tough business in which to make money. You really have to pick your niche in order to do well in this marketplace. When we started the airline there was a tour operation already in existence. A part of our corporate credo is ‘Your vacation should start the minute you get to the airport.'”

According to Damon D’Agostino, chief commercial officer of CIT Aerospace, that approach is why Sunwing has been successful. “They know their clients value the customer experience,” said D’Agostino. “That’s something we strongly identify with since our business is also based on relationships.”

Williams added, “We’ve grown quite a bit since 2005, from a relatively small regional company to a national Canadian operation. We have 1,700 employees now. We served more than 1.3 million passengers last year and are expecting to grow that number. There’s absolutely no question that our business relationship with CIT has been a major factor in helping us to succeed.”

D’Agostino added, “When we delivered the first aircraft to Sunwing, Mark and I walked out and shook hands underneath the wing. That’s a memory I’ll always cherish. CIT really is a trusted advisor to Sunwing Airlines. Their success, ultimately, will be our success and we recognize that.”