CIBC Innovation Banking provided growth capital financing for DealMaker, a capital raising technology platform. The financing will enable the company to accelerate its growth across North America.

Founded in 2018 by Bay Street lawyers Rebecca Kacaba and Matt Goldstein, DealMaker’s ambition is to modernize the shareholder issuance space, with recent activity including the Green Bay Packers’ issuance.

“DealMaker is providing customers with a comprehensive and modern capital raising experience while maintaining a laser focus on transparency,” Rob Rosen, managing director in CIBC Innovation Banking’s Toronto office, said. “We are proud to provide them with financial and advisory support as they continue their impressive growth trajectory.”

“We are committed to not only making raising capital digitally seamless, but also are driving to democratize the capital markets as a whole,” Kacaba, who serves as CEO of DealMaker, said. “Raises done through our platform typically see a much more diverse set of investors and founders, resulting in a much-needed redistribution of access to the capital markets.”