Daily News: March 12, 2012

CFO: Europe’s Slowdown Won’t Halt U.S. Growth

CFO reported that thanks to a vastly lower risk of near-term financial chaos in Europe and an uptick in hiring in the United States, many CFOs and economists are more optimistic about business prospects for 2012.

About 54% of CFOs responding to the Duke/CFO Global Outlook Survey said they are more optimistic about the U.S. economy compared with their attitude last quarter, while 15.3% said they were less optimistic. That’s a shift from the December 2011 survey, when 35% of CFOs were more optimistic and 32% less.

Bolstering the pace of expansion – or at least not interfering with it – are Greece’s progress toward restructuring its debt and Europe’s avoidance of a near-term credit crunch, CFO reported. Domestically, CFOs are closely watching U.S. consumer demand, which has been flat the past four months when inflation is taken into account, the article said.

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