Daily News: January 17, 2012

CFCC Event to Feature Expert on White Collar Crime

The Commercial Finance Conference of California (CFCC) announced that Juval Aviv, a retired major in the Israeli Defense Force and president and CEO of the international corporate investigations firm Interfor will be the keynote speaker on Wednesday, February 8th at the Universal Sheraton. Aviv will offer insider insights on topics ranging from corporate fraud and finding hidden assets to tracking down terrorists.

Aviv is a noted expert on white collar crime, an authority on terrorist networks and the founder of Interfor, a comprehensive domestic and foreign intelligence services firm. He will present Finding Money: Uncovering Financial Fraud and White Collar Crime, sharing anecdotes from the many major fraud and embezzlement cases that he has worked on, including Enron, Tyco and Madoff. He will also discuss his time in the Israeli Defense Force and his role in tracking down the terrorists who murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, which served as the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s film Munich.

For more details and to register, visit http://www.com-fin.com/ the Commercial Finance Conference of California site.