Daily News: September 13, 2012

CFA’s New Michigan Chapter Growing

The Commercial Finance Association (CFA) said its new Michigan chapter is well on its way to becoming a vibrant and active chapter, providing networking and education opportunities to serve all areas of Michigan.

Formed in May 2012, CFA’s newest chapter already has 20 members, with a long list of others ready to join. The CFA said the chapter intends to alternate monthly events between the East and West sides of the state, which will help build momentum that will help grow the chapter throughout the state.

Chapter officers include Jeff Wright and Toby Dahm, senior vice presidents, Hennessey Capital, and Brian Banning, senior vice president, Citizens Republic. The chapter administrator is Sharon Kimble, who is also an administrator for associations including the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) and Risk Management Association (RMA).

“I have attended CFA events in Cleveland and Chicago, and could not understand why we did not have a chapter in Michigan, which has a rich history in asset-based lending,” explained Jeff Wright. “I don’t want our chapter to be just a social club. I want it to be a resource to all members and to the business community who may have a need for alternative financing when the bank says no. I want to differentiate ourselves from other trade associations by offering events and programming that will interest members while attracting non-members to attend. We need to prove ourselves that there is a benefit to joining our chapter.”