Corporate Finance Associates, an international investment banking services firm, announced the acquisition of Avogadro Group by Yukon Capital’s Montrose Environmental.

San Francisco-based The Avogadro Group is a provider of regulatory compliance testing and monitoring of stack gasses in the power generation, petroleum refining & exploration, and other industries that release gasses and particulate matter into the atmosphere.

Montrose Environmental Corporation is a diversified environmental company with operations in California and Hawaii. Montrose serves a diverse range of customers, including landfills, electric utilities, water and wastewater treatment facilities, municipalities, and corporations.

Jeff Johnson, managing director and principal, CFA San Francisco commented, “The management team at Avogadro was searching for the perfect partnership that would further the company’s growth goals and they found it in Montrose Environmental. The two companies share a commitment to quality, reliability and integrity which will serve the combined organization well in the years to come.”

Corporate Finance Associates is an investment banking firm, with over 20 offices across North America and Canada, 3 in India and 15 partner offices in Brazil, China and throughout Europe providing middle-market companies with a wide range of financial advisory services and access to capital resources.