CapX Partners structured a $2.5 million finance lease, providing capital to support SkinCure’s ongoing growth and allowing the company to preserve its working capital.

“SkinCure is at the forefront of significantly improving skin cancer treatment with affordable, non-surgical techniques that provide both cure and improved patient experience. CapX is excited to be part of SkinCure as it enters its expansion lifecycle stage,” said Jeffry Pfeffer, managing partner at CapX Partners.

CapX Partners was contacted to support the company’s growth needs and assist in converting a growing backlog of new contracts into clients. SkinCure, given its brief operating history and specialized collateral, proved challenging for traditional bank financing. CapX favored the opportunity after review of SkinCure’s model, growth opportunity, and recent operating history.

SkinCure Oncology provides a turnkey model for the delivery of Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers.