CapitalPlus Construction Services continues to celebrate a record-breaking year while diversifying its client base across the nation and in Canada.

In October, their firm purchased approximately $5 million in receivables across numerous clients in numerous sectors of the construction and oil and gas industry. Following is a limited sample of the customers they served.

In October, CapitalPlus purchased over $3 million in receivables from an inside flooring and finish firm operating across the upper mid-west.

CapitalPlus purchased an invoice for $600,000 for a pipeline services business operating in the Oil & Gas sector in the Bakken Shale in the Dakotas.

In late October, CapitalPlus provided its first receivables purchase of $650,000 for a full-service exterior construction and masonry firm operating in the NYC metropolitan area and northeast.

CapitalPlus made its first receivables purchase totaling $218,000 from an Energy firm offering directional drilling services across the upper mid-west.