Daily News: February 27, 2012

BlackArch Report Advises Owners on Communication, Confidentiality

A newly published report by BlackArch Partners, a middle-market investment bank serving private company owners and financial sponsors, offers insight on how best to maintain confidentiality during the negotiation of a transaction and how to get the right message out once it is closed.

The report, “Communication and Confidentiality: Strategies for a Smooth Transaction” is part of BlackArch’s effort to provide top-notch advisory services to shareholders of mid-sized privately held and sponsor-backed businesses.

The report advised that pro-active thinking about how to handle communication and confidentiality is essential to a successful transaction. During a process, business owners should maintain appropriate internal and external secrecy about negotiations; failing to do so can result in distracted employees, worried customers and competitors trying to gain leverage by raising questions about the company’s future.

Once the transaction is complete, owners should announce it to employees, customers, suppliers and the public in a manner that sets the right tone and hits the right notes.

Authored by BlackArch director of Business Development Tim Whitmire, a former journalist, the report includes pointers for shaping the message about a transaction for three key audiences: the company, the media and the “Three Cs” – customers, clients and competitors.

BlackArch encourages business owners who are contemplating a transaction to contact us for further advice and insight on communication and confidentiality, as well as to assess their full range of strategic alternatives.

The report is available for download from the Library section of BlackArch’s website.