Business Capital structured and delivered approximately $6 million in senior secured loans for NOVA IVF, a clinic providing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

With an experienced team of embryology doctors and among the highest percentage success rate, NOVA is reputed as one of the most desired treatment centers of its type, as evidenced by its one-year waiting list. The company also offers egg-freezing technologies, a service which is increasingly in demand. This financing facility will allow the clinic to hire new physicians, take on additional clients waiting for treatment, and increase revenues.

“My first contact with BizCap was the brightest spot in over 18 months of tirelessly looking for financing. They presented the value of Nova and suddenly I was in a position of choosing the lender that I preferred and at unbelievable rates. My business is thriving,” said Rich Schmidt, medical director at Nova, IVF.