Tradewind Finance appointed Derek Binns vice president of sales in Europe. Binns will support Tradewind’s client base across Europe, with a specific concentration on countries where major buyers are established.

Binns has experience in supply chain dynamics, trade finance and e-commerce as both a consultant and C-level leader. His clients have included, Amazon, Tesco and logistics provider Hermes. Previously, he managed parts of the Otto Group, including its e-commerce services company, Zitra GmbH. Binns served as e-commerce specialist and international trade advisor to the UK Government Department of International Trade. He also held executive positions at Stenn International and Primadollar.

Binns will leverage his background in supply chain and e-commerce retail, as well as his buyer network and end-to-end understanding of their business, to serve Tradewind’s European clients. He will apply his knowledge and experience in AI and SaaS to help Tradewind further digitize and automate its solutions to meet the requirements of clients in today’s increasingly digital and platform-based global trading environment.

Tradewind is a trade finance product provider.