Daily News: August 23, 2017

Bibby Financial Services Provides $1MM Factoring Facility to Greenline

Bibby Financial Services (BFS) provided a $1 million factoring facility to Greenline, an emerging market retail service provider with offices in Las Vegas and Stockton, CA.

Referred by brand partners who are also former BFS clients, Greenline selected BFS as its lender to facilitate the growth of its current brand partners, strengthen its strategic retail connections and broaden its e-commerce networks. The support from BFS enables Greenline to acquire new brands for worldwide development and to drive its financial growth at an accelerated pace.

Matt Cereno and Mike Smart launched the business in 2002 with a vision of developing a company that provided all the necessary tools, techniques and inroads to give their partners a clear route to successfully market their innovative products.

In 2017, the entrepreneurs merged all go-to-market services into one avenue, Greenline, to lead clients to the best strategies through sales, consultative services, distribution and logistics. With the funding from BFS, Greenline is better positioned to support its clients’ production and distribution of innovative products through the pivotal holiday season.

“With its curated group of brand partners and the passion Greenline brings to helping their clients launch today’s most innovative products and reach their marketplace potential, we are delighted to have been selected as the funding partner that will propel them through their next stage of growth,” said Ian Watson, CEO of Bibby Financial Services North America.