Bayside Business Solutions and Grizella, LLC announced that they have partnered to develop a SaferWatch interface for Bayside’s flagship product, CADENCE. The interface will be especially attractive to Bayside’s many transportation factoring clients.

SaferWatch is a web-based software application for freight brokers, shippers, factors, logistics providers and insurance professionals. SaferWatch technology provides a best-in-class carrier compliance and risk management framework with constantly updated data on every registered motor carrier from multiple government and other sources including FMCSA, DOT, SMS for BASICs and AM BEST. Along with due diligence tools, SaferWatch software is aligned for best practices carrier qualification, constant compliance monitoring and trend analysis.

“This interface is powerful because it allows us to tie data from SaferWatch to alerts within CADENCE,” explained Jay McKinney, Bayside’s senior vice president of Operations. “Lenders can quickly make informed buying and funding decisions based on breaking information on the carriers involved in the transaction.”

“Carrier data is constantly changing,” shared Mark Draeb, president of Grizella. “Bayside recognized the value of an integration of SaferWatch Software with CADENCE in order to provide another layer of technology where the end game is further decreasing risk exposure in order to reap increased profits.”

Grizella is a technology company dedicated to building affordable, easy-to-use software for businesses in the freight transportation space.

Bayside Business Solutions is a supplier of portfolio management software to the global commercial lending industry.