Robyn Barrett, senior vice president and managing director of Oxford Commercial Finance, a subsidiary of Oxford Bank, was named incoming president of the American Factoring Association for a two-year term.

Barrett has been an active volunteer board member for the AFA since 2019 and previously served as marketing committee chairperson for the association, the sole body representing the factoring industry at the federal and state legislative level. The AFA educates key stakeholders within government and business on the ability for factoring to drive business and support a heathy economy. To date, the AFA has conducted more than 200 meetings with officials, including U.S. senators and members of Congress.

“I’m honored to lead the AFA board and give back by advocating and educating on the benefits of factoring. Our goals at the AFA are to protect the industry and build relationships with key stakeholders, such as government officials and business leaders,” Barrett said. “We ultimately create engagement and demonstrate how important factoring is to small business.”

Barrett recently attended the AFA’s Washington, D.C., visit in March, where she advocated for meaningful and accurate factoring disclosure requirements at a state and, possibly, federal level.

“When companies experience a cashflow shortfall, factoring can provide immediate capital based on future income,” Mick Goik, president of Oxford Commercial Finance, said. “It can be an effective way for companies to leverage their accounts receivable to meet goals. Robyn has been a vocal champion for the factoring community for years. She is passionate about helping companies secure the capital they need to overcome gaps in cashflow, drive growth and scale. I can’t think of a better person to lead the AFA board and lobby for the industry.”