BankProv made two additions to its small business lending team in 2020, hiring Joel Gianninoto as vice president of commercial lending and Ryan Fox as assistant vice president of commercial lending.

Gianninoto joined BankProv in March 2020 with almost 10 years of banking experience, having previously held positions at Citizens Financial Group and Salem Five Bank.

Fox joined BankProv in November 2020, having spent most of his career at William Fox & Co., a family-owned business in Washington, D.C.
Gianninoto and Fox will join BankProv’s small business lending team based in Bedford, NH where they will assist small businesses with the steps needed to purchase or expand their businesses.

“I’m excited to welcome Joel and Ryan to BankProv as we continue to grow our team. This combination of varied experience and wealth of industry knowledge will uniquely position our small business lending team for continued success,” Joe Kenney, SVP and director of commercial lending at BankProv, said.