Florida-based community bank Axiom Bank donated $200,000 to the Emory Brain Health Center. This gift will help fund further research aimed at developing new treatments for brain diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s and depression through the Emory Neuromodulation and Technology Innovation Center (ENTICe).

“Axiom Bank is deeply committed to social responsibility,” said Daniel Davis, Axiom president and CEO. “Our support for ENTICe will help to foster vital medical research that one day will result in life-changing treatments for devastating neurological diseases.”

ENTICe is a collaborative effort between the Emory University departments of neurosurgery, neurology, and psychiatry and behavioral sciences in partnership with scientists and biomedical engineers from Georgia Tech. They work together to facilitate research and technical investigation, developing more effective medical devices and strategies to improve neuromodulation treatments for brain disorders.

“This generous contribution from Axiom Bank will help us continue our work in a variety of ways including our efforts to develop novel therapies for patients with drug resistant epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease,” says Robert E. Gross, MD, PhD, director and co-founder of ENTICe and professor of neurosurgery, neurology, biomedical engineering and neuroscience at Emory University School of Medicine.