Daily News: April 23, 2012

Attorney to Argue Against Prison for Wife of Le-Nature’s CEO

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that the attorney for Karla Podlucky, wife of Le-Nature’s former CEO Gregory Podlucky, said that because of her fundamentalist Christian beliefs, she never doubted that her husband’s purchase of $33 million worth of gems and jewelry was the result of business success rather than fraud.

When Karla Podlucky is sentenced next week for her conviction for money laundering, attorney Melvin Vatz will try to persuade federal Judge Alan Bloch that her only offense was being “an unfailingly devoted wife to her husband,” the article said.

Podlucky and her son Jesse were convicted of money laundering in a scheme to sell gemstones through Sotheby’s in New York to subsidize a lavish lifestyle, the Tribune-Review said.

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