Amalgamated Bank announced that Keith Mestrich, who has served as the bank’s president since April, has been selected as its CEO to support its growth and further its mission of offering affordable and accessible banking for all. Before joining Amalgamated in 2012, Mestrich worked in the progressive movement for more than two decades, primarily in leadership roles in financial operations.

“We are thrilled to have such a talented and unique individual at the helm as we build on our current strengths and chart our course for the future,” said Noel Beasley, chairman of Amalgamated Bank and president of the labor union Workers United. “Keith has a rare combination of assets: financial and operational acumen, a deep passion for serving our customers and the heart of a progressive warrior. He is exactly the person we want to lead this institution.”

Mestrich joined Amalgamated in 2012 as director of its Washington, D.C., office and subsequently served as chief of staff and then president. Previously, he was chief financial officer and deputy chief of staff at the Service Employees International Union. He has also worked for Workers United and the AFL-CIO in managerial, financial and political roles.

Mestrich succeeds interim CEO Gabriel Caprio, who also served as the bank’s CEO from 1991 – 2006 and again in late 2013 through the first half of 2014.

“We give our heartfelt thanks to Gabe for his steadfast leadership, expertise and commitment to Amalgamated through the years,” Beasley said. “His innumerable contributions to the bank will have a lasting impact on our continued growth.”