Alvarez & Marsal’s global transaction advisory group launched A&M Data Intelligence Gateway (A&M DIG), a new proprietary technology that aims to increase the speed of deal identification. Led by Tara Bilby and Mishelle Weinerman as A&M DIG executive directors and Joey Baruch, chief technology officer at A&M, the technology will provide private equity firms with data for better private market intelligence from which to make informed deal identification decisions.

A&M DIG will provide a technological deal identification solution to best meet growing sector demand. The technology mines siloed U.S. public and government data through open-source intelligence (OSINT) and machine learning that, when integrated with A&M’s expertise, will uncover unique insights and opportunities on private companies. A&M DIG’s speed to execution combined with the firm’s data refinement and interpretation capabilities will aim to generate a previously unavailable, granular acumen into private and public companies.

Prior to leading A&M DIG, Bilby served in a relationship management role with A&M’s private equity services. Weinerman’s earlier roles included serving as founder and CEO of SecretSauce, a data system for enabling investor decision making, and working with AlphaSights.

Previously, Baruch co-founded HuMoov, a vertical software-as-a-service startup. He has also held distributed computing, natural language processing and big data infrastructure engineering roles at PayPal, IBM Research Labs and Qualcomm.

“Rapid deal identification and deal idea generation are common time consuming challenges across the private equity landscape,” Paul Aversano, a managing director and global practice leader of A&M’s global transaction advisory group, said. “A&M DIG aligns with our mandate to help clients become successful investors. It extends our integrated approach across the investment lifecycle by providing private equity firms with a competitive advantage at the earliest point of the investment lifecycle.”

“A&M DIG was built on the firm’s operational heritage and knowledge of private equity challenges. The technology’s speed of execution is a game changer,” Bilby said.

“A&M DIG’s ability to deliver reliable and trustworthy data is critical to successful deal idea generation now and moving forward,” Weinerman said.