AloStar Capital Finance agented a $50 million committed credit facility for KCAP Financial, a publicly traded business development company.

“Thanks to AloStar, we will be able to expand our portfolio and grow investment appreciation,” said Dayl Pearson, CEO of KCAP. “Access to capital is paramount to our success as a company and we knew we had to rely on a source with a strong track record of integrity and value-added services, making AloStar an easy and ideal choice.”

KCAP provides three principal areas of investment: debt securities, asset management companies and collateralized loan obligation fund securities.

“We’ve worked closely with senior leadership at KCAP to ensure that the financing solution met the current and future financing goals of the company,” said Andy McGhee, president of AloStar. “We’re confident this deal will be of significant value to the customer and strengthen their already robust areas of investment.”