AIO Logic launched AXIS commercial lending platform. AXIS by AIO Logic provides commercial lenders with increased efficiency and accuracy throughout the loan life cycle by providing unprecedented automation and analytics within an end-to-end origination, management and servicing platform.

“Our leadership has decades of collective experience in managing commercial lending enterprises,” George Souri, CEO of AIO Logic, said. “Our experience in the space has given us the insight to develop a platform that is uniquely capable to optimize commercial lending operations.”

AXIS is the only commercial lending platform with complete end-to-end functionality and features best-of-class data security with 13 security certificates, including ISO, SOC, NEN, ISAE and PCI. AIO AXIS is engineered for customization to each lender’s particular processes and requirements, providing robust functionality and unparalleled user experience. The AXIS platform can be deployed at a fraction of the time and money of multi-platform integrations.

“Other CRMs are not designed for lenders and do not include the request tracking, document collection, and review features that lenders need,” Souri said.