Daily News: August 8, 2012

AccuVal Discusses Fraud, Safe Lending, Other Topics in Newsletter

The latest installment of The AccuVal AdVisory, a reputed bimonthly online newsletter for the appraisal industry, was just released by AccuVal Associates. The reports shed light on new challenges and opportunities for lenders and corporations alike.

Five special reports, including a special double feature by AccuVal executive vice president and chief operating officer Richard E. Schmitt, address the state of the industry this summer. The topics include:

  • Machinery and Equipment: It’s Safe to Lend Again

    With a shortage of term debt in the marketplace, Schmitt details why a shortage of term debt in the marketplace means big opportunities for banks willing to fill the gap.

  • An Appraiser’s Role in Finding Fraud

    Schmitt explains how asking the right questions (and documenting the proper numbers) can help spot would-be fraudsters.

  • Guar Gum: Prices Hit All-Time Highs

    AccuVal explores the commonly used fracking ingredient’s value surge – and its market-manipulation chatter.

  • Steel: Forging Ahead

    A new Industry Insight report shows how an out-of-balance supply and demand relationship, linked to a lagging construction industry, has left steel in mediocre territory.

  • Smartphones: Moving Beyond the Latest and Greatest

    China might be leading demand for smartphones (which are now outpacing PCs in sales figures), but AccuVal details how the global climate affects technology in the U.S.

    To view the full reports, click here.

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