Access Capital provided a $1.5 million credit facility to Strategio, a Miami-based startup formed with a mission to increase diversity, equity and inclusion within enterprise IT. Strategio’s program includes sourcing underrepresented and underserved technology talent from STEM backgrounds and offering paid training.

Strategio is projecting fast-paced growth over the next few months that will result in potentially doubling the number of its active technologists by mid-summer. Access Capital was recommended to the managing team of Strategio by an existing client.

“Access Capital has been in business for 30-plus years and has a long-standing relationship with a number of our trusted contacts in the talent sector,” Conor Delanbanque, CEO and founder of Strategio, said. “The initial referral came through Evolvient Capital, who have backed us financially while offering key advice at every stage of our growth since launching last year.

“The team at Access Capital have been great to work with during this process. We are a purpose-led business, so it’s important that we partner with companies who fully understand our mission and the problems we are solving. They worked at our pace and took the time to get to know how we operate.

“We are laser focused on our core mission to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in enterprise IT. I believe the best way that we can scale effectively is to build a sustainable business model that pays people fairly, charges clients fair pricing and allows Strategio to generate revenue and profit to continue reinvesting in our future.”