Daily News: September 11, 2014

ABL Industry Veterans Launch Metis Commercial Finance

Metis Commercial Finance announced its formation. Metis offers smaller borrowers a unique palette of financing structures including asset-based revolving lines of credit, term loans based on cash flow and other assets, and unitranche debt with credit facilities ranging from $1 million to $20 million.

Metis is led by CEO James Irwin, the founder of Meridian Healthcare Finance and MC Healthcare Finance, and executive vice president/chief credit officer Dan O’Rourke, a founder of several specialized asset-based lending firms including Salus Capital Partners and NewAlliance Commercial Finance. Metis’s senior management team averages in excess of 20 years of experience and includes Bob Seidenberger, managing director – Sales and Marketing, Mike Pestrak, senior vice president – Underwriting, and Sarah Larson, senior director – Operations.

“We have designed and built Metis from the ground up to provide a ‘big ticket’ product suite to borrowers who have thus far had very limited financing options. We bring industry expertise, including healthcare and retail lending, that generalist lenders lack,” Irwin said. “In addition to the right product suite and the right team a successful lender must have the right investor, which we are fortunate to have with Garrison Investment Group.”

“Our entrepreneurial roots allow us to understand the needs of small- to medium-size borrowers that are not receiving an adequate level of expertise and service from their existing lenders,” added O’Rourke. “We look forward to serving our customers in a variety of industries, with a full suite of lending products and flexible structures, combined with a national platform. This includes offering servicing expertise and investment capital to partner banks and financial institutions.”