Daily News: June 13, 2012

ABF Journal’s ABL Marketplace Issue Hits the Streets

ABF Journal’s May/June 2012 edition, the ABL Marketplace Issue, has hit the streets and is on the way to your mailbox.

In this issue we speak with asset-based lenders on both sides of the spectrum. Stephen J. McCabe spoke with leading executives, mostly from bank-affiliated ABLs, to get their perspective on where the industry is headed into 2013 and beyond. While most ABLs note there is still room for cautious optimism, many say that progress will still be limited. On the other end of the market, Lisa A. Miller finds out the viewpoints of those that borrow in transactions of $20 million and under.

The publication also features ABF Journal’s ABL Marketplace Survey where respondents showed little restraint in voicing their dissatisfaction of what they perceive as the return to irrational pricing and undisciplined behavior.

Lincoln International’s Jason Solganick notes that second lien transactions are becoming more popular by being used to take control of underperforming and overleveraged companies.

James Hopwood and Juanita Schwartzkopf of Focus Management Group detail the successful emergence of Downey Regional Medical Center from Chapter 11 protection.

And in this issue’s Profile of Success, senior editor Stuart Papavassiliou speaks with TD Bank’s Greg Braca and Joe Nemia where they discuss the Corporate and Specialty Banking’s future plans.

And that’s not all. As in every issue of ABF Journal, there are a variety of articles in the turnaround, factoring, bankruptcy and legal sections.

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