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Big Boys Don’t Cry, But Fraudsters Do

By Evan Flaschen “Big boy” disclaimers are a staple of the debt syndication and trading marketplaces. While their enforceability vis-à-vis an SEC fraud investigation has always been suspect (due to public policy considerations), they are generally viewed as creating an enforceable contract between the syndicator/seller and the buyer themselves. The theory is that a sophisticated […]

Control Agreements — Avoiding a Potential Pitfall

In the wake of the recent financial crisis, it has become apparent that in many respects cash is indeed king, particularly as a form of collateral. Thus, secured parties would be wise to ensure that they have a properly perfected security interest in a debtor’s deposit accounts. In that regard, secured parties should consider adding […]

The In Re Tousa Fraudulent Transfer Decision: Impacts on Debt Trading, Derivatives Trading, Commercial Lending

A recent decision in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida, In re Tousa,1 has received widespread attention for its near wholesale rejection of insolvency “savings clauses,” and the resulting order requiring lenders to disgorge hundreds of millions of dollars. The decision raises numerous practical problems for participants in the secondary loan […]

PART I: UCC Insurance for Secured Lenders: Improved Risk Management in a Fragile Economy

Although the fourth-quarter 2009 has shown modest signs of stabilization in consumer sectors, the nation�s economy remains fragile, with many indicators suggesting a broadening of the credit crisis to commercial and corporate sectors of the economy. Particularly exposed is the credit quality and capital of secured lenders, the reliability of traditional underwriting tools employed by […]