Hercules Capital Acquires Gibraltar Business Capital

Hercules Capital purchased Gibraltar Business Capital to enter the ABL market. Cartoonist Jerry Gonzalez shares his take on this mythical matchup.

Once Again, the Bulls are Running: 2018 Citizens Bank M&A Survey Reflects Strong Sellers’ Market

In 2017, Citizens Bank took an unusual step with its annual M&A Advisory Survey — it polled business decision-makers before and after the election to test the impact. Optimism was high in the post-election survey, and in 2018, it is higher still. Ralph Della Ratta, head of M&A Advisory at Citizens Capital Markets, explains why this is a good time to sell and encourages lenders to push customers towards eager buyers.

Paying the Piper: Acquiring Digital Technology Without Breaking the Bank

As every sector contends with tech-enabled disruption, Mark Solovy discusses the three strategies — buy, build or sell to private equity — that companies can use to acquire new technology at a reasonable cost.

Citizens Survey: Urgency Drives 2017 M&A Outlook

Citizens Commercial Banking released its annual Middle Market M&A Outlook for 2017, based on a survey of 600 C-level executives. The forecast? 2017 could be a busy year for M&A transactions as both buyers and sellers feel it’s time to act. Head of Corporate Finance and Capital Markets at Citizens Commercial Banking, Bob Rubino broke down the results in detail for ABF Journal, including what’s fueling the M&A activity and how the national election results can affect the outlook.

Wells Fargo Buys GE’S $32B Lending/Leasing Businesses

ABF Journal illustrator Jerry Gonzalez gives his take on the significant growth Wells Fargo has achieved this year through a series of strategic acquisitions of GE Capital assets and businesses.

Bloomberg: Global M&A Set for 2015 Record

Bloomberg reported that M&A activity is on track to reach record levels this year after a first half dominated by mega deals, even as valuations reach new highs.

U.S. and Global M&A — Credit Markets Fueling Demand

The U.S. and global M&A feeding frenzy continues on, as leveraged finance conditions are relatively favorable for financing acquisitions and dividends, boding well for M&A activity in the remainder of 2015. KPMG managing directors Joe Nuzzolo and Bill Welnhofer say the Federal Reserve may not put a halt to the liquidity fueling the M&A fires just yet.

M&A Growth Strategy: A New Approach for Transforming Businesses

KPMG’s Phil Isom and Dan Tiemann explain why businesses should consider M&A as an effective growth component to transform their organizations. The company leaders outline acquisitions KPMG has pursued over the last 12 months, showing how the deals enhance revenue and deepen client services in various market sectors.

Commercial Finance M&A Market: More Sellers Come Out of the Woodwork, But Who Are the Right Buyers?

Houlihan Lokey’s Tim Stute discusses the increasing M&A activity in the financial services sector and the emergence of non-bank buyers in the space. Stute notes there is an abundance of potential buyers in the market, but the reality is it’s not quite as easy as simply calling a group of bank buyers and selling to the highest bidder.

Independence Revisited: Why One ABL Chose to Go Private…Twice

Mark Hafner, president & CEO, Celtic Capital Corporation, provides a personal look into the history of the company founded by his father, the reasons he sold the company to larger banks in 2008 and 2012, and why he followed his dream of returning to Celtic’s roots as a privately held company — a decision lauded by industry insiders.