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Recovering and Evolving: Views on the Current Bank ABL Market

Higher rates, money tightening and interference from regulators following regional banking turmoil in 2023 have severely affected the banking industry. Bank leaders across the asset-based lending space sat down to discuss what it all means for the bank ABL sector

The Current Opportunities and Challenges in Asset-Based Lending

Against the backdrop of higher interest rates, increased bank regulation and a brush with recession, Hugh Larratt-Smith of Trimingham Inc. spoke with asset-based lending industry thought leaders about what lies ahead this year.

Auto Financing Industry Facing Increased Regulatory Scrutiny for Discriminatory Lending Allegations

Several recent Department of Justice settlements have highlighted a potential risk for auto lenders. Beyond eliminating intentionally discriminatory practices like redlining, auto lenders need to work with legal counsel, lending officers, lending algorithm programmers and other stakeholders to ensure lending practices do not result in unintentional discrimination.

Forgotten Heroes: Chief Credit Officers Roundtable

In a roundtable discussion focused on chief credit officers, panelists from Edge Capital, Horizon Technology Finance, SLR Business Credit, Marco Financial and Wingspire Capital discuss the important role of the CCO and how they are leading credit teams through the economic turbulence of 2022.