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Small Business Capital Delivery: A Paradigm Shift

As the economy improves, finance providers want to provide capital or extend credit and small businesses continue to need the financial support. Traditional risk scoring and risk management models aren’t getting the job done, and a new paradigm may be needed. Finance providers that embrace new approaches will win in the small business market … and so will the economy.

Stick to the Basic Principles: Sage Insights From a Factoring Legend

Having started his career with Standard Factors Corporation in 1949, Louis J. Cappelli, chairman of Sterling National Bank, is enjoying his sixth decade in the commercial finance industry. Based on a wealth of experience garnered from his illustrious career, he shares with ABF Journal his evaluation of the current environment and future opportunities for factoring, as the industry finds its post-recession footing.

Thermo Credit — Filling a Need When Opportunity Rings

It all started with a good idea. And like many other companies that established themselves based on this premise, so too did Thermo Credit. Ten years ago, a group of individuals came together to discuss the possibilities of launching a company to fill what they deemed the underserved niche in telecom, and by the next year, Thermo Credit was established to fill that need within the constantly evolving telecom industry.

Marquette Transportation Finance — Factoring Trucking Receivables for the Long Haul

After cutting his teeth at the ‘granddaddy’ of transportation financing companies, Richard Voreis, developed and has led Marquette Transportation Finance for more than eight successful years. Although the trucking industry faces economic challenges, Voreis does not envision the truckload segment, or its $350 billion annual revenues, to go away any time soon.

Pressure Points: How Well Has the Healthcare Market Fared of Late?

Back in the spring of 2008, ABF Journal checked the pulse of the healthcare market and learned that lenders were optimistic. The real estate market was sinking, financial institutions were reining in lending, and government reimbursements were less than predictable, yet the outlook for healthcare seemed bright. Baby Boomers were aging, and people were living longer and requiring more services. Was this sector recession-proof? How did the economic downturn affect the industry, and where does it stand in 2011? Here, we examine the sector’s pressure points.

Hartsko Financial — ‘Moving Things Along’ With Purchase Order Finance

Through purchase order financing, Hartsko Financial Services offers up front, transaction-based capital to businesses unable to obtain bank funding. Hartsko funds clients in financial straits, as well as startups and profitable companies in need of capital to grow. And, as president Richard Eitelberg sees it, banks are not relaxing their lending parameters, leaving more prospects seeking Hartsko’s help.

Postcard From the Future: This Year, Factors to Flock to a ‘Capital’ Location

As has been their custom for the past 17 years, factors worldwide are scheduled to congregate in the early spring — this time descending up the nation’s capital on April 13-16 at the Omni Shoreham. With more than cherry blossoms in their minds, these professionals look forward to the educational and networking opportunities the International Factoring Association’s main event has to offer.